Fee Structure

Skin Check Consultation

We apply the following fee structure to skin checks:

  • Private patients – $90.00
  • Health Care Card and Pension Card holder – bulk billed when you have your concession card with you and is in date.
  • Children under 16 – $70.00 when attending as a solo appointment.
  • Children under 16 attending with a paying adult on the same day – bulk billed.
  • All Saturday morning appointments attract a consultation fee of $90.00 for Private patients and $70.00 for Pension and health care card holders.
  • All procedures performed after the initial skin check appointment attract a fee.

There is no additional fee for punch biopsy or procedures including cryotherapy performed on the day of the skin check.


The procedure fee is dependent on the complexity and duration of the procedure and will be discussed with the patient at the time of booking the procedure.

Follow Up

Follow up appointments within two weeks for results, wound and dressing review – bulk billed.

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